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If you're involved in competitive hockey, chances are you live at the rink from September through April.

Your hockey-playing son or daughter lives on the ice.

Weekends are dedicated to games. Weekdays are for practices. It's all hockey, all the time.

The question is, when the season is over, is it time to hang up the skates until next September? Or, is it time for summer hockey?

On Thursday, April 30, Our Game chatted with former Toronto Maple Leaf Bob McGill and other experts in a LIVE discussion about the issue.

Hockey fans asked questions to former Toronto Maple Leaf players Bob McGill and Dixon Ward, a former teammate of Wayne Gretzky.

They also found out what the director of Roger Neilson's Hockey Camp thinks about the issue.

Scroll below to for a replay of Our Game's 'Minor Hockey Talk': Summer hockey: Do kids really need it?

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