Quebec Sports Minister Michelle Courchesne, pictured with QMJHL President Gilles Courteau at a press conference in March, has received the support of her provincial counterparts in her battle against fighting in junior hockey. ((Paul Chiasson/Canadian Press))

Provincial Sports Minister Michelle Courchesne said Wednesday she has obtained the support of her counterparts across Canada in her battle to end on-ice fights during junior hockey games.

Courchesne was spurred into action after being shocked by a punchout involving goalie Jonathan Roy, the son of hockey legend Patrick Roy, and player Bobby Nadeau during a Quebec Major Junior Hockey League playoff game earlier this year.

Roy was suspended for seven games after the incident.

"The ministers recognized right across Canada that it is no longer necessary to use fights as a marketing tool in 2008," Courchesne said after returning from a meeting of her counterparts in Victoria.

"We want to enjoy hockey."

She said a number of provincial politicians and amateur hockey associations are taking steps to eliminate fighting.

Courchesne is awaiting recommendations from the Quebec league but the province can legislate changes under the sports safety law if the league does not sufficiently address the issue.