Quebec City NHL rally draws thousands

Thousands of people are in Quebec City to participate in what's being called the "Blue March," demanding the return of NHL hockey.

'Blue March' demands return of an NHL club 15 years after Nordiques left town

Quebec City is a sea of Nordiques blue.

Thousands of people are taking part in what's being dubbed the "Blue March."

They're demanding the return of NHL hockey 15 years after the city's beloved Nordiques left town.

The Stastny brothers — the three Slovak stars who captured the city's hearts in the early 1980s — are there.

Several members of the federal Conservative caucus are also participating in Saturday's rally.

Those Tories are in a delicate spot: they're squeezed between local constituents demanding the government fund an arena, while outside Quebec there have been some angry complaints about the idea.

Saturday's events will end with an NHL exhibition game involving the Nordiques' most bitter rival — the Montreal Canadiens — and the New York Islanders.