What's your favourite Team Canada sweater? 

Is it the iconic 1972 Summit Series uniform? Or the classic yellow and black of the Winnipeg Falcons, Canada's first ever Olympic hockey gold medallists? Or do you prefer the modern look with the Hockey Canada logo?

No matter what, hockey fans tend to become fashionistas when it comes to the Olympic jerseys.

On Tuesday, Hockey Canada unveils what's become one of the worst kept secrets: the jerseys that Canada's men's and women's hockey teams will wear in Sochi.

We asked you to vote in a bracket of eight Team Canada jerseys and choose your favourite.

The winner: Team Canada's jersey from the 2010 Vancouver Olympics.

See how the voting went in our matchups below. 


According to our voters, modern is best and we like the maple leaf in the middle. The question is how much do you like the Hockey Canada logo? Our final pits the 1998 Team Canada jersey against the 2010 Team Canada jersey.(Photos: 1998 jersey, Hockey Hall of Fame; 2010 jersey, Hockey Canada)

Semifinal #1

It's 1998 vs 2014. The 1998 Team Canada jersey advanced to the semis with a decisive win over the Winnipeg Falcons sweaters, as the modern Hockey-Canada branded design seems to be more popular than vintage classics. The 2014 leaked Team Canada design scored a narrow win over woolen Edmonton Mercurys sweater. (Photos: 1998 jersey, Hockey Hall of Fame; 2014 jersey, Reddit)

Semifinal #2

The second semifinal features another modern matchup with 2010 Team Canada taking on 1988 Team Canada. Here again, we see the Hockey Canada logo, red-and-white design, and stylized maple leaf as big hits with our voters. This could be a close battle. (Photos: 2010 jersey, Hockey Canada; 1988 jersey, Hockey Hall of Fame).

Match #1

The yellow and black of the Winnipeg Falcons, left, take on the 1998 Team Canada jersey with its classic Hockey Canada logo. The Falcons won gold at the 1920 Olympics in Antwerp. The 1998 version of Team Canada brought NHLers to the Olympics for the first time, but finished fourth in Nagano. (Photos: Hockey Hall of Fame)

Match #2

The sweaters from the 1952 Edmonton Mercurys versus the leaked jerseys for the Sochi Olympics. The Mercurys won Olympic gold with their Habs-like sweaters. (Photos: 1952 jersey, Hockey Hockey Hall of Fame; 2014 jersey, Reddit)

Match #3

The 1956 Team Canada Olympic jersey takes on the sweater worn in Calgary at the 1988 Olympics. (Photos: Hockey Hall of Fame)

Match #4

A clash of two of Canada's most-celebrated teams: 1972 vs 2010. The 1972 Summit Series jersey has a minimalist and classic look, which inspired the Canada Cup jerseys. The 2010 Olympic jersey took some creativity as Hockey Canada wasn't allowed to use their logo on the front, but still managed to leave its mark. (Photos: 1972 jersey, Hockey Hall of Fame; 2010 jersey, Hockey Canada)

Team Canada hockey jersey matchups

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