When Miller's dad, Mike, videotaped Miller giving his speech at home, it was only intended for a few family members in Halifax to see. ((Courtesy of Mike Donnelly))

A recent Our Game story featured Miller Donnelly, an 11-year-old hockey player from Dowling, Ont.

In his videotaped speech to parents, he pleaded with them to stop yelling at players.

After the story was published, the number of hits on Donnelly's YouTube video surged from 84,500 to 138,985 in just over a week.

The story also received more than 270 recommendations and nearly 70 comments.

This week, Miller and his dad, Mike, shared their story of the 'Magic Hockey Helmet' in personal blogs posted to the Our Game Community.

"I was simply fed up with all of the parents yelling at me and my teammates," Miller wrote. "They'd yell something like, 'Use your head!' and I wanted to yell back, 'I thought I was using my head. It was just a bad play I made because I'm learning the game.'"

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