Ohlund cleared for Olympics

A failed doping test will not keep Mattias Ohlund from playing for Sweden at the Winter Olympics in February.

On Monday, the International Ice Hockey Federation issued Ohlund a "strong warning" but decided not to ban the Vancouver Canucks defenceman from the Salt Lake City Games for testing positive for the drug acetazolamide.

Ohlund tested positive for the banned --but not performance enhancing-- substance last week.

It was found in the drug Diamox, which was prescribed to Ohlund by his doctor to help with his recovery from recent eye surgery.

Ohlund submitted his sample for Olympic doping control eight days after his surgery. He did not inform World Anti-Doping Agency officials of the medication he was taking.

"It was unanimously agreed that this was a positive test but not a doping infraction, that sports bodies must be very careful not to interfere with the good and proper treatment of injured athletes by competent medical specialists, and that, at all times, we must be fair and reasonable in dealing with our athletes so that they can support our efforts to keep our sport drug-free," IIHF said.

"That's a common-sense decision, as we expected," added Team Sweden general manager Anders Hedberg.

"I think it was pretty obvious that if you got all the information and analysed the situation that common sense would reach this decision."