Paul Kelly was fired after a 10-hour meeting in a Chicago boardroom that ended in the early morning of Aug. 31. ((Paul Chiasson/Canadian Press))

The Paul Kelly-NHL Players' Association saga looks far from over.

Chris Chelios reportedly plans to speak with other players about the possibility of reinstating Kelly as executive director of the NHLPA, amid calls for an explanation of the speedy firing of the union's former leader.

A report from CKAC out of Montreal Thursday states that Chelios told the station he and the other player representatives were misinformed on the issue, and he wants another vote held to try and reinstate Kelly.

Kelly was fired after a 10-hour meeting in a Chicago boardroom that ended in the early morning of Aug. 31.

The NHLPA's 30-member executive board, made up of player representatives from each NHL team, voted overwhelmingly to remove Kelly, but the union didn't consult with the rest of the players before making the move.

Ian Penny has replaced Kelly in the interim, while the NHLPA looks for Kelly's successor. Penny is the union's general counsel.

The 47-year-old Chelios, a veteran union man, was reportedly one of the few who voted against Kelly's firing.

In an interview with The Hockey News earlier in the week, Chelios said that many players want to know what happened during that meeting in Chicago.

"There's an awful lot of conversation going on among the players," Chelios said. "We're trying to figure out what happened. Players are going to have to find out how this could have happened to us again, and then, obviously, we're going to have to make some decisions. There's all kinds of questions about the process."

Crosby weighs in

And he's not the only one expressing concern on what's happening with the union. Pittsburgh captain Sidney Crosby joined his agency and others in calling for an explanation from the PA on Kelly's dismissal.

"I would just say that I agree with Pat's comments and that I definitely want to know how things happened," Crosby said in a statement on Friday. "I am part of the union like every other player and I think we all deserve a good explanation."

"We have had numerous discussions with our clients and other players around the league regarding the dismissal of Paul Kelly as executive director of the NHLPA," player agents J.P. Barry and Pat Brisson of CAA Sports said in a statement on Thursday.

"Some of the things we have learned about the process are very troubling to us. We are encouraging each of our clients to educate themselves with union matters so they can understand how these types of decisions are reached. We believe that a strong and unified voice is necessary. In order for that to happen, the majority of players must be heard."

Barry and Brisson are part of one of the most powerful agencies in the NHL, and the two represent some of the league's elite players, including Crosby, Evgeni Malkin, Henrik and Daniel Sedin, Mats Sundin, Dany Heatley, Daniel Alfredsson, Daniel Briere, Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane.