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Vote: How can the NHL make it up to fans?

While the NHL and NHLPA made nice and ended the lockout, there was no deal struck with unhappy fans. So we asked you to tell us what needs to be done to make things right.
Fans are waking up to the news that the NHL will be back soon after the players and owners agreed to a new tentative deal, but what should fans expect to see for their troubles? (File/Canadian Press)

The two sides in the NHL labour negotiations struck a tentative deal early Sunday morning, bringing an end to the 113-day lockout.

However, there is no such deal with the hockey fans caught in the middle of the labour strife.

We asked our Facebook fans to let us know what they think should be done to make things right, and there were three consensus requests:

Many fans believe that ticket prices need to be improved, or offered for free for a time to draw fans back to the game. (File/Canadian Press)

Ticket talk

Bruce Creamer: "Half a season…half-price tickets for the remainder."

Cody Mcfarland: "Opening night league-wide should be free, and all home openers. Plus make the first game of any season ticket holders free and give them the one-game cash refund."

Sylvain Elie: "Free tickets…that's the only way you are going to get me back!"

While they shouldn't end up on the ice like what happened here in a Detroit-Phoenix game, some fans believe concessions like beer should be offered up. (File/Associated Press)

Thirsty for concessions

Scott Valpey: "Free beer for fans during first period!"

Donna Eldridge "3 free beers a game for the rest of the season and Bettman pays for them."

Bryan Nich "Half price EVERYTHING!"

For some fans, a full 'we're sorry' from both sides is better than 'thank-you fans' painted on the ice. (File/Associated Press)

All apologies

Patrick W Mulroy: "An apology/statement from Commissioner [Bettman] and NHLPA head Fehr together"

David Allan: "An apology for their childish and greedy behavior, especially at a time when many people are struggling to hold down a job and make a decent wage. Both sides deserve equal blame; the billionaires fighting with the millionaires."

Neal Alderson: "They can start by not painting "Thank You Fans" on the ice... How about a forum for fan input and clearly showing the fans herlped shape that input."

Now that you've heard a few of your fellow fans' ideas, we want to know which one you think is the best choice, or choose "other" in our poll and give us your own idea in the comments section!