Unbeatable NHL card collection up for grabs

Simon Bourque of Delson, Que., is set to auction off 1,500 pre-World War II hockey cards, including a 1911 George Vezina rookie card and a rare 1924 card of former Toronto Maple Leaf Bert Corbeau.

Quebec man auctioning off 1,500 pre-World War II items

A Quebec man is about to sell a rare collection of hockey cards. 3:11

Missing a 1911 George Vezina rookie card or the rare Bert Corbeau card from 1924 to top off your hockey collection?

Well, Simon Bourque of Delson, Que., has the goods. In fact, he's ready to auction off 1,500 of the rarest and best-kept pre-World War II cards.

A recent bid of the Corbeau card from the 1923-24 NHL season reached more than $27,000, according to CBC's The National. He was the first player to suit up for the Montreal Canadiens and Toronto Maple Leafs. He was also the first Leafs captain after the team changed its name from the Toronto St. Pats.

Watch the video above to get a closer look at Bourque's lifelong passion. He plans to use the money raised from the auction to start a new collection.


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