Just before the start of Friday's Game 7 between Tampa Bay and New York, one Rangers fan provided some pre-game entertainment during an interview with Hockey Night In Canada reporter Scott Oake.

Oake started by asking the fan how much he paid for his seats along the glass.

"My man, I paid $4,500 cash," began the fan.

Oake informed the fan his seats were worth $19, 200 US on the open market Thursday and he could have made a lot of money.

At this point the super-cool fan begins holding up the gold chain around his neck.

"Yeah I know. That would've been cool  but ya know what? I get to see the Rangers win, I could've blown all that money on water, I don't really drink alcohol, it's cool," said the fan.

This is when it gets to laugh-out-loud funny: Oake asks the fan to tell him one more time how much he paid for his ticket.

"$4,500, hundreds only! Benjamin Franklin is killin' the game!" 

Too bad the Rangers didn't win super fan, but with entertaining comments like that you're sure to go further then they did.