#NHLPlayoffs: 10 things hockey players do in the off-season

Every year around playoff time there are tweets that joke that the "losers" will be able to trade in their sticks for clubs and their pucks for balls and hit the links instead of the arena. Their hockey season is over, so their golf season can start. This made us wonder, is golf the only thing hockey players do in the off-season?

Besides play golf

P.K. Subban poses with donors at a charity event for the Montreal Children's hospital foundation. (via @subbanator)

If there is anything that the movie Happy Gilmore taught us, it's that hockey and golf can go hand in hand. 

During the playoffs especially, we aren't allowed to forget that many hockey players will be playing golf in the off-season, some sooner than others.

Countless tweets around "do-or-die" games poke fun at the losers, saying they will be able to trade their sticks for clubs, their pucks for balls and hit the links instead of the arena. So many that we thought, "Is golf the only thing hockey players do in the off-season?".

Turns out no.

Here we bring you...

10 things hockey players do in the off season besides play golf

1. They do laundry

2. They travel

3. They watch TV

4. They "Dad" it up

5. They do charity work

6. They take in the old ball game

7. They partake in water sports

8. They just love patio season

9. They are supportive big brothers

10. They take selfies #obvi

Oh... and they also play golf.

Anything you'd like to add to the list?


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