The NHL all-star game is Sunday, and while the on-ice game this season has been great, the off-ice photoshop game of some fans and teams is the real scene stealer. 

The fact that the event is taking place in La La Land this year has not been lost on organizers. 

Our first hint?

This lol-inducing promotional video: 

Sidney Crosby may not be taking home an Oscar anytime soon, but we think he's just as happy with Lord Stanley. 


With the league's top players about to descend on the City of Angels, the hockey world is having  a good time imagining their favourite players in their favourite movies. 

Brent Burns, a defenceman working at a point-per-game pace, was a fan favourite at last year's game with an A+ performance as Chewbacca. This year it's time for Burns to change it up a little, maybe lean on his teammates for some help?

Auston Mattews, the new kid in town who already has over 20 goals this season, has the whole league wondering where his power over the puck comes from. Perhaps it's his mojo? 

One of the most talked about players this off-season has been P.K. Subban, freshly back from injury. Will he be telling the other teams, "hasta la vista, baby."

Last season's Norris Trophy winner Drew Doughty, and his L.A. teammate Jeff Carter are at home, and have been to the show before, so perhaps they are a bit more relaxed than others?

Playoff hopes may be dwindling in Dallas but Tyler Seguin has found a way to let all his emotions out.

Tampa Bay duo Victor Hedman and Nikita Kutcherov are headed to Hollywood and word on the street is they are looking for a spacious garage to practise some sweet karate moves. 

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