John Lennon sang about peace, Bob Marley about rights, and Aretha Franklin about respect.

These days, NHL fans are singing a song with their own message in mind: End the lockout.

The ongoing battle between the league and its players has flooded social media with tweets, Facebook posts and blogs by disgruntled hockey fans.

Some are even picking up a microphone and filling YouTube with their thoughts on the lockout through comical renditions of top-40 tunes.

Here are some of the catchiest lockout songs fans have come up with. Made your own? Give us the link in the comments section below.

The Official Song of the NHL Lockout by QX104winnipeg


The Lockout Song — (No More Merch) by exanimeau


Shut the Puck Up (NHL Lockout Song) by ScaryPeteTube


The NO Hockey Song by cedwardbrunanski


Wake Me Up When The Lockout Ends by HockeyMemes