We asked you what you wanted after the NHL lockout dragged on for 113 days, and you didn't disappoint. While there was no clear answer, thousands of fans like you let us know what it will take to forgive and forget.

Here were the top answers in our (unscientific) online poll:

4. A full and frank apology: 11.55 per cent (890 votes)

This was the least popular response to the question, but fans have already been sent some apologies from owners and players, including the Penguins' Mario Lemieux and Calgary Flames president Ken King.


Some fans are looking for some free broadcast subscriptions for the rest of the shortened NHL seasson. (File/Getty Images)

3. Other: 16.85 per cent (1,298 votes)

The most popular "other" response in our comments section was for the NHL to give out free TV or internet subscriptions of its games to fans, free of charge:

mattseattleusa: "The Centre Ice cable/satellite package should be free for all subscribers! This would especially bode well for cities that do not have a franchise."

iamjtm: "I think offering NHL Centre Ice either free or at a significant reduced rate would be a great move. It would suck some fans back in for sure."

However, some others were still too miffed to return to cheer anything NHL-related (yet):

alwaysvote: "'Other' in the poll meant "not ready to forgive, for any price" for me and that's what I voted."


Free tickets or at least tickets at a reduced price are on many fans' wishlists. (File/Getty Images)

2. Cheaper/free tickets: 34.07 per cent (2,625 votes)

Plenty of fans figured that since they lost so many of their favourite team's games to the lockout, they deserve a price break, or even a free game or two during the upcoming shortened season:

EricS44: "How can NHL make it up to fans? I like the answers in your poll... half a season =  half price on tickets."

1. Cheaper/free concessions: 37.53 per cent (2,891 votes)

The top answer in our poll went to fans looking for a price break on all the goods they want to buy at games:

KaNaDiaN: "Free games for the rest of the season, 50 per cent off concessions (except alcohol) and free team t-shirts for all kids at each game. It's the least they could do and it won't even put a dent in their salaries."