John Scott didn't just get the last laugh this All-Star Game weekend, he got the bulk of them. 

The 33-year-old was genuinely happy to be in Nashville, and looked like he was having the most fun out of anyone. 

It seemed to be just icing on the cake that he captained the Pacific team to a win, scored two goals and was voted MVP.

Of course it must have felt good to throw some shade at his haters, like this dig at one of his biggest critics, Jeremy Roenick.

When the NHL is calling you a hero:

And your teammates give you a Rudy moment:

And you're pegged for the cover of NHL17:

And fans start campaigning for you to get called back up to the NHL:

It makes you wonder, who will play John Scott in the made-for-TV movie? 

We can all agree that the way this NHL vs. John Scott and the All-Star Game controversy played out was a true unde... in Hockey on LockerDome

Through it all, John Scott stayed classy. The lesson here: keep your head up, keep your stick on the ice and just know...

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