The National Hockey League learned a tough lesson this week; if you ask hockey fans to vote for something, be prepared to honour the consequences.

To get you up to speed, here's the TL;DR from the past week of NHL All-Star Game drama:

  • The NHL asked fans to vote for a captain for the all-star game
  • Fans voted enforcer John Scott as captain of the Pacific Division
  • Scott was traded to another team (Montreal) in another division and quickly demoted to the AHL
  • …and then Twitter got involved.

As soon as Scott's trade was announced, the social site exploded with comments, memes and the hashtag #FreeJohnScott.

However, Tuesday saw the NHL uphold the will of the fans, and @BrandonGatten sums it up best…

Are you happy with the NHL's final decision? Let us know in our poll.

John Scott was voted to be a captain for the All-Star game by the fans but quickly found himself getting traded. A... in Polls on LockerDome