If you felt that the first round of the NHL playoffs was the best opening two weeks in recent years, you have some strong evidence to support that conclusion.

A quick perusal at the numbers in comparison to other first playoff rounds since the lockout in the table below indicate that there was a lot to appreciate.

After the table, answer our poll question on the most surprising Round 1 happening.

2011  49  14 (2)  5.57   9  .490 
2010  49  12 (1) 5.80  6  .458 
2009  44    6  5.09  10  .545 
2008  48    9 (1) 5.33   8  .583 
2007  43  1   6 (3) 5.00   6 .558 
2006  44  1 11 (4) 5.89  11  .477 

How to read the chart:

GP — Games played, further broken down by the number that ended in Game 7, Game 6, etc.

OT (--) — Overtime games, with the number in brackets indicating the number with multiple overtime periods.

GPG — Goals per game.

SO — Shutouts.

U — Upsets, using the strict definition of lower seed knocking off higher seed.

H — Winning percentage of home teams

This round featured 49 games, tied with last year for the most ever in an opening round. There were 14 overtime games and half of the series went the distance, both recent bests.

Looking at statistics over the last six playoffs, this first round featured the best mix of goal scoring and great goaltending.

If you wanted to play the contrarian, you could argue that this first round played out in predictable fashion. All but two of the series were taken by the higher seed, and the two "upset" winners were No. 5 seeds.

The top three seeds in both the East and West survived the first round for the first time since 1996.

But within each individual game, there was still an unpredictable nature. In the last two opening rounds, the home team has won less than 50 per cent of the time.

According to the NHL, the four Game 7's were the most in the first round since 1995.  

The 14 total overtimes were the most since a record 15 in 2001. Each of the final nine days of the first round featured an overtime game, an unprecedented streak.

The suspense included two Game 7 overtimes — tying another record — and three of the eight series ended with an OT goal. 

Some fun and interesting numbers to chew over to be sure.