Fan's take: Wearing the road team's jersey

We asked our readers on the CBC Sports Facebook page to share their experiences, good or bad, of wearing their favourite team's jersey in an opponent's building or city.
A Rangers fan made the short trip to New Jersey's home rink in this 2009 game to share his love of the Devils. (Bill Kostroun/Associated Press)

Unfortunate incidents in the past year at the Winter Classic at last year's Los Angeles Dodgers home opener have illustrated that fans wearing their team's jersey in other cities have to tread carefully.

Fortunately, there was nothing so extreme when we asked our readers at the CBC Sports Facebook page to share their experiences, good or bad, of wearing their favourite team's jersey in an opponent's building or city.

Here is a sampling of the responses:

I've worn my Blackhawk jersey loud and proud in Detroit, St. Louis, San Jose, Anaheim, Vancouver, LA, Phoenix, Nashville without any problems whatsoever — Steven Winkler

Many moons ago when I was 16, I took a trip to Montreal and Quebec city with some friends onf my mother. Wore my head to toe Bruins garb(including Bruins sweat pants) into the old Montreal Forum. Was sitting alone in my section surrounded by Habs fans....who couldn't have been NICER!!!! 2 nights later I was seeing the B's play the Nordiques in Le Colisee, and the Quebec fans were VERY upset with me....old grandmothers swearing at me en Francais, it was a BLAST!!! — Jeff Litif

Saw some dude get is Winnipeg Jets jersey torn off his back and thrown down from the Blue Seats at MSG in the 90's. —Seamus Fitzpatrick

I'm a lifelong Flyers fan and a Canucks fan of only a few years, but when the Canucks came to Philly for opening day of this season, I wore BOTH team's jerseys! I wore the Canucks jersey for pregame skate and until the middle of the 2nd period, and then I took it off and wore the Flyers jersey I had underneath. Let's just say that the Flyers fans around me didn't take too kindly to that! — Shannon Sigafoos

I've worn my Columbus Blue Jackets Jersey in Chicago at the United Center before … which my brother (from Chicago) warned me I may not want to do. Fortunately people just view you with pitty (sic) if you're wearing a Blue Jackets jersey. —Rick Duff

Wore my canucks jersey at the anaheim oilers game last week. that was fun. wasnt looking for trouble but when you have a couple drinks and your cheering for the opposition just cause, trouble finds you … we got kicked out with two minutes left. quack quack quack quack. — Travis Jordan Anders

I live in Buffalo but am anti-Buffalo (Leafs are my team). I go to work wearing jersey of whoever Sabres play. Get typical insults and the occasional "if you don't like them then move out of town" but its all in fun. Worst I experienced was Winter Classic at Ralph Wilson wearing my Crosby jersey. Lots of swearing at me, Crosby sucks chants and the two drunks when I was walking out telling me "have a fun trip back to ----burgh". When I go to a game at First Niagara wearing opponents jersey I never have a problem with fans. — Jim Higgins

I wore my Pens jersey to a game at MSG. The fans were pretty brutal and were heckling myself and a few other Pens fans but in the end we won the game and I got them with the good ol' "check the cup!" rant. Also, I wore my Leafs jersey to a Sens/Flyers game (not a fan of either of those teams but was with a group who had tickets). I DEFINITELY got some boos there but it was pretty hilarious and fun! — Allison Brown