Don Cherry tweets Guy Lafleur's comments on lockout

Former NHLer Guy Lafleur made some pointed remarks last week about players who have threatened to stay in Europe even after the lockout ends, and on Monday Don Cherry tweeted Lafleur's comments to his verified account.
Don Cherry is the longtime host of Coach's Corner on CBC's Hockey Night in Canada. (Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)

Guy Lafleur's comments have caught the eye of Don Cherry.

The legendary former hockey player made some pointed remarks last week about NHLers who have threatened to stay in Europe even after the lockout ends, and on Monday the Coach's Corner commentator tweeted Lafleur's comments to his verified account.

"I see Guy Lafleur spoke out about the Europeans who might like to stay in the KHL," he tweeted. "He said 'let them stay there. It will make more room for the players from Quebec and North America. As a supporter and former player I do not care for players who want to stay in Europe. Let them.'"

Cherry followed it up by adding: "Now imagine if I said that? Whoah."

It's not the first time the Hockey Night in Canada mainstay has offered some input on the current labour stoppage.

Last week, he had a message for the players.

"I miss hockey and I miss doing Coach's Corner. I have some advice for the players. Quit tweeting and talking to the media about how bad Bettman and the owners are ...

"I know it's hard to control 700 guys but you don't hear the owners speaking out. Jimmy D was slapped a fine.. if he calls the players 'cattle' I shudder to think what the hardliners like Jacobs and Snyder think.

"Quit ticking them off, why make them more determined."

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