Don Cherry remembers Rob Ford on Twitter

Don Cherry took to Twitter on Tuesday night following the news of Rob Ford's death, and he had a lot to say about the media's treatment of the former Toronto mayor.

Coach's Corner star calls former Toronto mayor 'a great guy'

Don Cherry supported Rob Ford throughout his mayorship and presented him with the chain of office in 2010. (Tannis Toohey/Toronto Star/Getty Images)

Don Cherry had a lot to say in the wake of former Toronto mayor Rob Ford's death. 

The Coach's Corner star took to Twitter Tuesday night in defence of the once polarizing politician. 

Cherry continued with a 12-tweet rant that highlighted Ford's contributions to the community and was highly critical of the treatment Ford received from the media while he was in office. 

"Rob dedicated his life to inner city kids to have a life with football to help them. He spent thousands of his own money to help them and hours and hours to coach them," Cherry tweeted.

"And when he tried to raise money for the football teams and the kids they took him to court cause of the letterhead. They took away from him the kids he loved and his coaching job so he went into a state of depression."

Cherry pointed at the media's scrutiny of any mistakes Ford made.

"How about the media, playing up every mistake he ever made. Even when he fell down throwing the football, they must have shown that a hundred times...The left wing kooks had a field day, they showed no mercy. Rob helped hundreds of people nobody knows about."

The Hockey Night in Canada veteran concluded by extending his thoughts to the Ford family. 

Ford died Tuesday morning after battling cancer since 2014 and Cherry constantly supported him throughout his mayorship. The 82-year-old Cherry presented Ford with the chain of office during his swearing-in ceremony in 2010. 


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