Did You See That? Panthers put up covered plexiglass

The Florida Panthers' maintenance crew struggled to replace the plexiglass behind the Detroit Red Wings' net Tuesday night, inserting a pane that still had its protective covering on and thus obstructing the view of fans.

Arena crew uses pane of plexiglass with protective covering on it

Arena crew at BB&T Center put up non-transparent pane of glass, obstructing fans' view behind the net. 1:59

It's tough for a National Hockey League club to mask its mistakes when it sits near the bottom of the standings. 

But the Florida Panthers — third-last in the Eastern Conference — somehow managed to literally cover up the view of a bunch of fans in the front rows on Tuesday night in the middle of their game against the Detroit Red Wings. 

After a pane of plexiglass ​behind Detroit goalie Jimmy Howard broke on a slap shot midway through the third period, the maintenance crew replaced it with another pane. Simple solution. The only problem was they were unable to remove the protective covering from the glass itself, leaving a fully obstructed view for any fans in the vicinity. 

If it was any consolation for Florida supporters, the Panthers were able to remove the covering just in time to see their club win 3-2 in a shootout. 

Not something one would see every day. Watch the odd incident by clicking the video above. Thoughts?


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