Vancouver Canucks superfans, the Green Men, are being asked to tone down their act at games after a complaint was filed with the National Hockey League.   

Sully and Force, who wear full neon green bodysuits, have been asked to stop touching the glass and doing handstands.   

The popular paying fans usually sit close to the Canucks' opponents in downtown Rogers Arena and their act has been described as a circus sideshow.   

Hockey Night in Canada panellist Eric Francis says the fans haven't done anything wrong, don't interfere with players and add to the ambience of the stadium game.   

But former goaltender Glenn Healy described them as a pair of clowns, and said he supported some sort of actions against them.

"We simply have had enough of looking at their rear ends and their crotches when players have to go to the box," Healy said.

"They've been more than a pain in the neck to almost every team that has played here."

There's no confirmation on who filed the complaint, but fans of the spandex duo rallied to defend them on Facebook. A group titled "Save the Vancouver Green Men" had more than 300 members by Sunday afternoon.

Last week two imposters in green suits were blamed for causing a rushhour traffic jam south of Vancouver and the NHL also cracked down on a Vancouver car dealership for posting "Go Canucks Go" signage in its window.

The Canucks continue their series tied 1-1 against the Nashville Predators in the Conference semi-finals.