Coach's Corner: Nazem Kadri should have been called up sooner

Hockey Night in Canada commentator Don Cherry questions the Toronto Maple Leafs' decision of keeping Nazem Kadri in the minors for three years. Grapes also talks about the Ryan O'Reilly controversy, the new Sidney Crosby and the Canucks drama in net.

Grapes also talks Sidney Crosby, Canucks goalie drama

Nazem Kadri of the Toronto Maple Leafs during a game against the Philadelphia Flyers at Wells Fargo Center on February 25, 2013 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. (Paul Bereswill/Getty Images)

Don Cherry says he was right about Nazem Kadri.

The Hockey Night in Canada commentator complimented the Toronto Maple Leafs forward on Saturday night and reminded viewers that the 22-year-old from London, Ont., has always been one of his favourites to be with the team.

In the latest edition of Coach's Corner, Cherry said the Leafs made a big mistake in not bringing Kadri up from the start, using excuses to justify the time he spent away from the major team.

"Why would a coach say a young boy has nasty habits?" Cherry asked. "Because they have got to justify him not being up here from the start."

"Why they picked on this kid is beyond me, it was a wasted three years in the minors as far as I’m concerned..."

Grapes also touched on Pittsburgh Penguins captain Sidney Crosby's new style of play.

"If [Sidney Crosby] had acted like he’s acting now, he would not have had those concussions, he wouldn’t have had all those injuries," Said Cherry. "He’s not that big of a guy, he’s not that tough of a guy."

Cherry said Crosby's game before was based on running around "like an idiot."

"Now he plays the game the way he should have," he said. "You notice nobody is running at him, you notice nobody is hitting him... and he’s getting calls."

Before discussing the main topics, Cherry spent some time talking about the Vancouver Canucks goaltending drama starring Roberto Luongo and Cory Schneider, and the Ryan O'Reilly situation involving the Calgary Flames and Colorado Avalanche.