Loui Eriksson hasn't made a seamless start with the Vancouver Canucks. 

The newly acquired 31-year-old winger is responsible for possibly the worst play of the young 2016 NHL season after scoring an own goal in the opening frame of Saturday's match against the Calgary Flames. 

With several Flames hounding Eriksson in the neutral zone during a delayed penalty, he attempted to fire the puck back to defenceman Erik Gudbranson, who ended up in the net along with the puck. 

Calgary's Troy Brouwer was officially credited with the goal. 

It wasn't the best way for Eriksson to endear himself to fans in his regular-season home debut. The Swede was acquired by Vancouver as a highly-touted free agent, signing a six-year, $36 million US contract in July. 

Eriksson, however, would make amends, helping to set-up Daniel Sedin's equalizer in the dying minutes of the third period. 

The Canucks would then go on to win 2-1 after Brandon Sutter scored the only goal of the overtime shootout.