Ten people have been suspended after a brawl broke out during post-game ceremonies at a Prince Edward Island midget AA provincial hockey semifinal in Charlottetown.

The brawl occurred on Sunday in Cornwall between Tignish Aces and Sherwood Falcons, and a video of the event has been widely circulated.

Rob Newson, the director of Hockey P.E.I., says the suspensions to eight players and two coaches are in the five- to 10-game range.

One player will also appear for a hearing in front of a discipline and ethics committee convened by the association.

The fight started after the two teams lined up on the blue line and the linesman went to the coaches to get the players of the game.

Newson says one of the players skated across centre ice and taunted the other team, and the conflict escalated from there.

Newson says no injuries were reported to the association, but he said the incident tarnishes the reputation of the sport.

He says the suspensions will be enforced next season.