N.S. legislature chastises NHL for afternoon playoff game

A resolution passed by the Nova Scotia legislature is attempting to change the National Hockey League's playoff schedule.

Nova Scotians like their hockey games at night, especially on Saturdays.

The Nova Scotia legislature has endorsed a resolution chastising the NHL for its decision to schedule the Pittsburgh Penguins'-Ottawa Senatorsplayoff game for Saturday afternoon rather thanthe eveningHockey Night in Canada slot.

The league is trying to accommodate the U.S. television network NBC, which usually airs NHL games on weekend afternoons.

Progressive Conservative backbencher Pat Dunn drafted the resolution. Nova Scotians are keen to see Dartmouth native Sidney Crosby in his first playoff season and a 4 p.m. faceoff makes no sense, Dunn said.

"Most Nova Scotians are very busy with their lives — out, some working, some shopping, running errands and so on," Dunn said. "Just not a good time to be sitting down watching a hockey game prior to parents getting meals ready for their children and so on."

Crosby fans will be able to catch "the kid" in his first playoff appearance Wednesday night (CBC, 7 p.m. ET), but will have to postpone running errands Saturday afternoon to catch Game2 of the series.

Nova Scotians aren't the only ones who want the time slot of Saturday's game between the Senators and Penguins to change.

Don Cherry said he would much rather be in Ottawa Saturday night than doing an afternoon game.

"I think it will cost us a million viewers going on in the afternoon and we should have been on at night," Cherry said in a conference call. "I wish it was on Saturday night."

Dunn is hoping NHL commissioner Gary Bettman takes the resolution to heart when he draws up the rest of the playoff schedule.