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The coach's son? He's a shoo-in to make the team.

We've all heard about the parents who offered the coach a cash bonus to keep their kid on the AAA team.

And then there's the kid who was 'promised' a spot on the team. And then he gets cut.

The sponsor's son is a good bet to make the roster, too.

Tryouts might be the most controversial part of minor hockey — can they possibly be objective? We discussed it all during Thursday's edition of 'Minor Hockey Talk.'

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Three experts answered your questions and fueled the discussion for the hour-long edition of 'Minor Hockey Talk.'

Meet the experts

Sarah Howald is head coach of the under-22 Canadian women's national team, and has spent a decade behind the bench for the women's team at the University of Regina.

Marshall Starkman is the director of the Ontario-based Roger Neilson's Hockey, and is in charge of its hockey camp and coaching clinic. Starkman has held various coaching and managing positions with hockey teams over the last decade. 

Brian Hancock has been around the rinks more than 20 years in Lethbridge, Alta. He coached for nearly 20 years, scouted in the Western Hockey League for more than a decade, and sits on the boards for both the Lethbridge Minor Hockey Association and for the WHL's Lethbridge Hurricanes. 

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