'Minor Hockey Talk': bodychecking debate

The discussion got pretty heated during Our Game's live discussion about bodychecking in minor hockey. Does it have a place in the game, and if so, when should it be introduced?

You had your say on the topic during Our Game's LIVE discussion

It's one of the hottest debates in the minor hockey hockey world.

Should bodychecking be part of the game at youth levels? If hitting is "part of the game", as many argue, at what age should it be introduced?

Should kids learn how to check and be checked?

Our Game hosted a live 'Minor Hockey Talk' forum on the subject, and you responded.

Experts weighed in on the issue, including Hockey Calgary's director of player development, Trevor Morgan, who organizes bodychecking clinics to teach peewee players how to hit and take a hit properly.

We also heard from Bruce Craven, who's been a major player with discussions about bodychecking in Saskatchewan. He was also involved in writing the Canadian Hockey Safety Program for the Canadian Hockey Association.

The 'Minor Hockey Talk' spurred discussions about non-contact leagues, where to find bodychecking clinics, and even whether bodychecking will ever become part of the women's game.

The forum was cut short because of a technical problem, but we'll be back next week, same time - Thursday from 1-2 p.m. ET, for another live discussion. Details will be posted shortly.  

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