Lumme tops NHL unprotected lists

Plenty of proven veterans were left unprotected by NHL clubs on Wednesday.

Names like Jyrki Lumme, Steve Heinze, Gino Odjick, Scott Pellerin, Jeff Shantz and Igor Ulanov are among the 300 players available in Friday's waiver draft.

Earlier reports that the Montreal Canadiens had left goaltender Jeff Hackett exposed for the draft were incorrect.

Only the 14 teams which failed to qualify for last spring's playoffs participate in the first round.

All 30 teams are eligible to take part in ensuing rounds, if they so desire.

The Atlanta Thrashers choose first, followed by the Columbus Blue Jackets, Florida Panthers, Tampa Bay Lightning and Pittsburgh Penguins.

Each team was allowed to protect 18 skaters and two goaltenders, but stand to lose up to three players in the draft.

Lumme, slated to earn $2.75 millon US, was left unprotected by the Toronto Maple Leafs, as were Anders Eriksson and Aaron Gavey.

Shantz was acquired by the Colorado Avalanche in Tuesday's five-player trade with the Calgary Flames.

But the Avalanche are gambling Shantz's $1.125 million US salary will scare off interested teams.

Heinze, too, has a hefty salary, said to be $2 million US, the same as Ulanov.

Pellerin, who potted 20 goals in 1998-99, is considered a tempting pick at $1 million US.

Available from Calgary

Ryan Christie, Robert Dome, Dwayne Hay, Dave Huntzicker, Ladislav Kohn, Dave Lowry, Mike Martin, Jason Morgan, Rick Mrozik, Ronald Petrovicky, Martin Sonnenberg, Andrei Trefilov, Darcy Verot, Brad Werenka.

Available from Edmonton

Adam Bennett, Jozef Cierny, Chad Hinz, Ralph Intranuovo, Fredrik Lindquist, Fernando Pisani, Marty Reasoner, Craig Reichert, Peter Sarno, Sergei Yerkovich.

Available from Montreal

Francis Bouillon, Matthieu Descoteaux, Eric Fichaud, Benoit Gratton, Miloslav Guren, Martti Jarventie, Eric Landry, Bill Lindsay, Matt O'Dette, Gino Odjick, Stephane Robidas, Patrick Traverse, Jason Ward.

Available from Ottawa

Dennis Bonvie, David Hymovitz, Steve Martins, Joe Murphy, Christer Olsson, Andy Schneider, Brad Smyth.

Available from Toronto

Lonny Bohonos, Ryan Bonni, Doug Doull, Anders Eriksson, Jonathan Gagnon, Maxim Galanov, Aaron Gavey, Mikael Hakanson, Paul Healey, Josh Holden, Brad Leeb, Jyrki Lumme, Craig Mills, Mike Minard, Marc Moro, Bob Wren, Dmitriy Yakushin.

Available from Vancouver

Nolan Baumgartner, Johan Davidsson, Jeff Farkas, Bryan Helmer, Steve Kariya, Pat Kavanagh, Zenith Komarniski, Tyler Moss, Jaroslav Obsut, Ryan Ready, Vadim Sharifijanov, Herbert Vasiljevs.