Leafs, Burke talk — lawyer to lawyer

The Toronto Maple Leafs and Brian Burke have made contact.

The Toronto Maple Leafs and Brian Burke have made contact.

According to sources, lawyer Gord Kirke, who is heading up the Leafs' search for a new general manager, and Burke's Vancouver-based lawyer Peter Gall had a conversation Friday.

Burke's camp wanted the Leafs to know for sure that the Anaheim Ducks filed the paper work to allow teams to negotiate with him, while the Leafs apparently let Gall know nothing would happen until Leafs brass met to the determine next steps, if any.

But while there was a brief conversation, there have been no contract discussions.

There was speculation that the Leafs board of directors had called a meeting for Tuesday morning, but that has been denied. Needless to say, there will be a meeting sooner than later to prepare for talks with Burke.

Burke told CBCSports.ca earlier Saturday that no other teams have contacted him, or his lawyer.

Rumours that he was headed to Vancouver for the Leafs-Canucks game are false.

Burke is heading to Vancouver on Tuesday to accompany his wife, Jennifer, who has some work to complete. He was also contemplating a hunting trip.