Any event should be tailored to your community's interests. ((Kevin Light/CBC Sports))

Your first step is choosing what the event will be. It should be tailored to your particular community.

It might target the parents as a clientele, it might target the kids, or both. You could run a dance, pub night, comedy night, dinner, or anything else you think might be popular.

You can also combine it with other fundraising methods such as raffles or auctions to generate more profit. 

To organize the fundraiser, you should consider dividing the tasks among parents on the team. And make sure to check municipal and provincial sources for regulations. For example, if you're serving alcohol, you might need a liquor license.

Gloucester- Cumberland example

Two teams in the Gloucester-Cumberland Girls Hockey Association in Orleans, Ont., organize an annual comedy night.

The teams spend approximately $3,000 dollars to hire the talent, rent the hall, stock the bar and have items to auction.

They're able to generate enough profit from the event ($12,000 for the 2008-09 season), that they only run one other fundraiser for the rest of the year.

Organizers put parents in charge of one small aspect of the planning process, distributing the fundraising responsibilities among the entire team.