How do I organize a profitable raffle?

Raffles are often held as fundraisers for teams and leagues.

Raffles are often held as fundraisers for teams and leagues.

For example, the Campbellton Minor Hockey Association out of Campbellton, N.B., raffles signed jerseys every year, usually making a $3,000-$4,000 profit each season.

Having a prize that fits well with the interests of parents and players will increase the number of tickets sold. The raffle can also be combined with other fundraising methods to increase profits and visibility, like tournaments or event nights (pub nights, dances, etc.).

When you're planning how to organize your own raffle, it's important to think about why people would be enticed to buy tickets. But it's just as important to consider why they would be enticed to sell them too.

Here's one way to do both: hold a double-prize raffle.

The double-prize raffle

With this type of fundraiser, there are two identical top prizes in the raffle: one for the draw winner and another for the top ticket seller.

Ticket sales (and prize value) will increase because the sellers are motivated, as the chance to win the big prize is one way to drive sales up.

A league in Gloucester, Ont., had a successful raffle this way a couple years ago. It held a double-prize raffle for their peewee-A team, with two Montreal Canadiens ticket packages at stake.

The team raised $2,500, allowing them to buy extra ice time and pay for tournaments and exhibition games during the season.