Hockey Night in Canada analysts' picks

Wonder who your favourite Hockey Night in Canada analysts picked to be on Team Canada for the Vancouver Olympics? Here's the list, along with our experts' explanations.

Wonder who your favourite Hockey Night in Canada analysts picked to be on Team Canada for the Vancouver Olympics? Here's the list, along with our experts' explanations.

The rosters for each analyst will be revealed one unit at a time as we roll out our team throughout the week on

Cassie Campbell


Martin Brodeur — Experience.

Roberto Luongo — Will challenge for the No. 1 job.

Cam Ward — Has simply played better than Carey Price this year, and brings more expereince.


Dan Boyle — Puck moving defenceman.

Brett Burns — Versatile defenceman who has a great shot for the PP and can even play forward.

Chris Pronger — The shutdown nastiness that is needed from the back end.

Mike Green — Pure offence and key for the PP, which will be huge in international play.

Jay Bouwmeester — Ability to skate and provide offence.

Shea Weber — Shutdown abilities and great shot.

Dion Phaneuf — Needs to play better, but can be a valuable all-around weapon.


Jeff Carter — Can score, but will also be able to play any role.

Sidney Crosby — No. 1 centre on the team.

Mike Richards — Perfect third-line shutdown centre who can provide offence.

Shane Doan "A" — Great leadership and will fulfill third- or fourth-line duties.

Jarome Iginla "C" — Will play alongside Crosby and be his trigger man.

Ryan Getzlaf — Second-line centre with Nash and Heatley.

Simon Gagne — It's between him and Lecavalier for who will play with Crosby and Iginla. Can play any role and brings a lot of speed.

Vincent Lecavalier — Top-line player who can also fill a role for coaching staff if need be.

Rick Nash — Power forward who can score big in the international game. Will probably play with Getzlaf and Heatley.

Jonathan Toews — Youth is important for development and he can do the job on the fourth line.

Dany Heatley — Pure goal scorer alongside Nash and Getzlaf at worlds last year.

Patrick Marleau — His ability to play wing or centre and any role will be a valuable asset for coaching staff.

Joe Thorton — Gets the nod over Marc Savard because of Olympic experience and size.

Toughest omissions

D Scott Niedermayer — Tough to omit, but not sure if he will be playing

F Marc Savard, Brad Richards — Both players deserve to be on the team

Marc Crawford


Martin Brodeur — Been there.

Roberto Luongo — When he's on, he's unbeatable.

Carey Price — Could easily be Steve Mason.


Chris Pronger "A"— Still the best passer in the game.

Scott Niedermeyer "A" — Skating and leadership.

Robyn Regehr — Shutdown D-man.

Dion Phaneuf — They will need his power and passion.

Marc-Edouard Vlassic — Top minute guy on the NHL's best team. Does everything well.

Dan Boyle — Powerplay and offensive catalyst (edges out Mike Green).

Shea Weber — Time for a changing of the guard.


Jarome Iginla "C" — The captain.

Sidney Crosby — No. 1 centre.

Rick Nash — Big-time player in all situations.

Mike Richards — Young Bobby Clarke.

Ryan Getzlaf — Best No. 2 centre in the tournament.

Jeff Carter — Ability to score off the wing.

Patrick Sharp — All-around versatility.

Joe Thornton — Continuing to improve his direct attack game.

Patrick Marleau — Speed, speed speed.

Dany Heatley — Had him out, but put him back in because the talent is still there.

Vincent Lecavelier — Capable of being the MVP again.

Shane Doan — Plays both wings equally well.

Simon Gagne — Considered skill players only for this spot (Tanguay, Roy, etc.).

Toughest omissions

F Joe Sakic — Father Time will not allow a B.C. homecoming.

D Duncan Keith — I believe they'll need his speed and quickness, but who comes out?

Elliotte Friedman


Martin Brodeur

Roberto Luongo

Carey Price — If Steve Mason continues to rise, he may give Price a run for this spot.


Scott Niedermayer "A" — Assuming he does not retire.

Chris Pronger — Had a tough Turin tourney, but this blue-line needs his experience.

Dan Boyle — Not good enough for the Lightning, however.

Jay Bouwmeester

Shea Weber

Dion Phaneuf — Having a strange year, but still think he should be there.

Duncan Keith — Does not get the attention he deserves, but a great skater, great passer, composed player and a leader.


Jarome Iginla "C"

Sidney Crosby

Ryan Getzlaf

Mike Richards

Jeff Carter — May be forced to play a wing, there are so many centres. Great defensively, too.

Rick Nash

Vincent Lecavalier

Joe Thornton

Patrick Marleau — Can play the wing, too.

Shane Doan "A"

Jonathan Toews

Chris Kunitz — Yzerman loves him and they will need guys willing to be happy with fewer minutes.

Dany Heatley — Heatley spot may be saved because they need natural wingers and he's been incredible at international events.

Toughest omissions

D Mike Green — Agonized over him, but chose the defensive ability of Keith instead.

F Marc Savard — Too many centres, but it feels ridiculous not to have him on the team.

Kelly Hrudey


Marty Brodeur — Best in the game, and experienced.

Roberto Luongo — Challenges Brodeur for best in the game.


Dion Phaneuf — Dynamic youngster with plenty of emotion.

Shea Weber — Excellent young defender.

Mike Green — Could be my favourite youngster to watch.

Jay Bouwmeester — Solid in both ends.

Dennis Wideman — Becoming one of the game's best.

Dan Boyle — Offensive key to powerplay.

Brent Burns — Not having as good a season as last year, but still in the mix.


Joe Thornton — Superb playmaker.

Jarome Iginla "A" — Model of consistency.

Sidney Crosby "A" — Top player in the game.

Ryan Getzlaf — Will be a star in Vancouver.

Corey Perry — Natural goal scorer.

Jeff Carter — Pure sniper.

Mike Richards — Strong in every area.

Rick Nash — Has developed into impact player.

Vincent Lecavalier — Leads by example.

Dany Heatley — He's a gamer, loves to play.

Simon Gagne — Solid, no weaknesses.

Shane Doan — Grinder with hands.

Patrick Marleau — Versatile and dependable.

Jim Hughson


Roberto Luongo — Best in the country.

Martin Broduer — Just in case Roberto's not the best.

Carey Price — Give him a taste of what's to come.


Scott Niedermayer "A" — Leadership will be required.

Shea Weber — It's his time.

Dion Phaneuf — His too.

Mike Green — Best scorer from the blue line will run the power play.

Duncan Keith — Underrated but not by players in the league.

Jay Bouwmeester — He could be Pronger if he played with hate. 

Robyn Regehr — Remember it's on NHL ice and you need to scare some players.


Ryan Getzlaf — Best all-around Canadian player.

Sidney Crosby — He's pretty good too.  

Jarome Iginla "C" — What everyone wants a player to be.

Eric Staal — He'll score a game winner sometime in the tournament.

Rick Nash — Think of a defenceman trying to stop him.

Dany Heatley — Bad season but dude can flat out score.

Vincent Lecavalier — Can't leave the new Beliveau off any team

Joe Thornton — Never seen him play a bad game in Vancouver.

Mike Richards — Will be Canada's top shutdown forward.

Michael Cammalleri — Can't ignore players who score.

Shane Doan "A" — Character and sandpaper.

Marc Savard — Finally deserves the chance.

Jonathan Toews — Get him ready to lead future World Cup teams

Toughest omissions

F Brad Richards — Savard took his spot.

D Chris Pronger — Youth is served.

Jeff Marek


Martin Brodeur — His job to lose.

Roberto Luongo — The heir apparent.

Carey Price — Not ready for this kind of prime time but great experience for the goalie of the future.


Robyn Reghr — Muscle and smarts.

Jay Boumeester — This is a skating tournament, and he's among the best.

Chris Pronger — Vet experience.  Discipline is an issue, however.

Dan Boyle — More vet poise, offence from the backend. Doesn't every team need a "rover?"

Shea Weber — Punishing hitter and one of the team's hardest shots. Will keep opposition honest.

Scott Niedermayer "A" — His decision not to play in Turin hurt Team Canada large.

Mike Green — More offensive production for a Team Canada attack that will come in waves.


Sidney Crosby — Canada's best player. Will probably play the wing with this team stacked at centre.

Ryan Getzlaf — As good as he wants to be. And he can be scary good.

Rick Nash — When surrounded with elite players, he excels.

Vincent Lecavalier — Dominant down the middle.

Joe Thornton — The game's best passer.

Patrick Marleau — Big, strong, skilled and playing his best hockey.

Jarome Iginla "C" — Team Canada captain?

Shane Doan "A" — Can never have enough character guys with skill.

Mike Richards — Best defensive centre in the game. He'll probably have to kill off a couple of Pronger penalties.

Martin St. Louis — Pure sniper and this team needs high-end natural wingers.

Brad Richards — Versatile and dangerous when put in the right environment.

Dany Heatley — Team Canada will try to re-create the magic that was the Getzlaf-Nash-Heatley line from the 2008 world championship.

F Chris Kunitz — One of the best-kept secrets in the game, he'll be relied upon for checking and energy.

Toughest omissions

D Dion Phaneuf — A great player but play in his own zone still an issue.

F Joe Sakic — Injures and age have caught up.

Scott Morrison


Martin Brodeur — He has won gold before.

Roberto Luongo — Has been waiting in the wings.

Carey Price — They like a younger guy in the three hole.


Dion Phaneuf — Good at both ends of the rink.

Shea Weber — Great shot, hits, does it all.

Jay Bouwmeester — Having a breakout year, will get better.

Dan Boyle — Experienced and a winner.

Mike Green — Great offensive defenceman.

Dennis Wideman — Incredibly underrated, but not for long.

Chris Pronger "A" — Toughness and experience.


Sidney Crosby "A" — In the top two in the league.

Ryan Getzlaf — Tough and talented.

Joe Thornton — Maybe the best playmaker in the league.

Mike Richards — Great two-way player.

Jarome Iginla "C" — Should be the captain.

Shane Doan — Grit and leadership.

Rick Nash — Has had international success.

Vinny Lecavalier — Still one of the best.

Patrick Marleau — Need guys who can adapt to fill a checking role.

Cory Perry — Have a lot of centres, need a natural winger.

Simon Gagne — Has Olympic experience.

Jonathan Toews — A gifted scorer.

Dany Heatley — Struggling this year, but has done well internationally.

Toughest omissions

F Ryan Smyth — He is Captain Canada.

F Marc Savard — Victim of the numbers game. He is Captain Canada.

Craig Simpson


Roberto Luongo — His time to take over the No. 1 job.

Martin Brodeur — Clutch experience if Luongo falters.

Steve Mason — Playing like a Vezina winner as a rookie.


Chris Pronger — Not quite as dominant a player but key experience.

Scott Niedermayer "A" — Questions of retirement, but still so smooth and solid.

Duncan Keith — Great mobility and competitiveness.

Mike Green — Speed, playmaking and offence.

Jay Bouwmeester — Great skater, covers a lot of ice.

Dan Boyle — Smooth skater, great puck carrier.

Shea Weber — Physical, big shot.


Jarome Iginla "C" — Leadership and all around player.

Sidney Crosby — Always under pressure to be the best.

Martin St. Louis — Speedy, playmaking ability.

Rick Nash — Power forward, hard to handle.

Dany Heatley — Great shooter, clutch goals.

Vincent Lecavalier — Big, strong, fast and skilled.

Ryan Getzlaf — Big, strong physical presence.

Mike Richards — Great all-around player.

Brenden Morrow — Hits, checks, kills penalties, good leadership.

Eric Staal — Good speed, and offensive finish.

Shane Doan "A" — Versatility, leadership and experience.

Jonathan Toews — Clutch performer, future Captain Canada.

Jeff Carter — Having a breakout season, two-way player.

Toughest omissions

F Joe Sakic — Injuries have taken their toll, but should be included as part of management team.

F Joe Thornton — One of so many great players who will be disappointed.

P.J. Stock


Martin Brodeur — Most athletic goalie ever to play.

Roberto Luongo — The total package.

Carey Price — Or Steve Mason, whoever is hotter early next year.


Mike Green — Best offensive D-man in the game.

Jay Bouwmeester — Skates, shoots, passes, etc. Too bad no one watches him in Florida.

Dan Boyle — A Cup champ and skates like the wind.

Chris Pronger — Big man that does everything well, and with a great mean streak.

Shea Weber — Laser of a shot and the complete rest of the package.

Brent Burns — I like his pet collection.

Dion Phaneuf — Hits like a Mack truck and skates like a Ferrari.


Vinny Lecavalier — Champ and ultimate competitor.

Jarome Iginla — Classy captain and ultimate competitor. Plus a great shot.

Joe Thornton — MVP, great disher and soft hands for a big man.

Marc Savard — Might be best passer in the game. Claude Julien deserves a trophy.

Rick Nash — Big, strong and has a serious case of dangleitis

Mike Richards — The total package. He will shut down anyone.

Dany Heatley — Great shot, big body.

Ryan Getzlaf — Big pivot with great hands, great shot, great vision. Enough said.

Shane Doan — Should play with Richards and be on shutdown line. Great leader.

Jeff Carter — Skates like the wind and great shot.

Brenden Morrow — With Richards and Doan will shut down everyone.

Simon Gagne — Has a nose for the net.

Sidney Crosby — Um...