Halifax student promises Crosby chat to cancer patient

Dalhousie University student Katie MacDonald won a chance to chat with hockey superstar Sidney Crosby in a contest, but generously donated the prize to an 11-year-old cancer patient.

A university student in Halifax won something that many teenage girls would do almost anything to get — a chance to speak with hockey superstar Sidney Crosby.

But Katie MacDonald didn't think twice about giving it away to a young cancer patient.

MacDonald, who attends Dalhousie University, entered a competition sponsored by wireless telecommunications provider Wind Mobile to talk to anyone in the world.

She won, along with four others, out of more than 10,000 entrants. But MacDonald had already promised to give the once-in-a-lifetime talk to 11-year-old Matthew Mancini.

The Thorold, Ont., boy has osteosarcoma, the same bone cancer Terry Fox had. Matthew's a hockey fan, although he hasn't been able to play since he's been in and out of hospital.

His dad and brother cheer for the Toronto Maple Leafs, but since he has always liked Crosby, Matthew is the family's lone Pittsburgh Penguins fan.

"When my mom and [stepdad] Rod told me, I thought they were lying," Matthew said of learning about the phone call.

"Sidney is such a great hockey player."

The conversation has since taken place. In a statement, Crosby called Matthew "an amazing kid."

"He has had a really tough year and I am so impressed with his positive attitude and desire to help others."

As part of the competition, celebrities picked for conversations were asked to choose a charity to receive $100,000 from Wind Mobile. Crosby chose his own Sidney Crosby Foundation, which benefits kids and kids' charities.

For her part, MacDonald said she was happy to connect the two hockey lovers, knowing how much Matthew looks up to Crosby.

"When we learned about his cancer, I knew if there was anything I could do to provide some light in this dark situation, I would," she said.