A lawyer said Thursday that Guy Lafleur, seen with the Canadiens, is "devastated" by son Mark's arrest. ((Associated Press))

The son of Montreal Canadiens' legend Guy Lafleur faces a range of charges, including the sexual assault and forcible confinement of aminor.

Mark Lafleur, 22, was remanded in custody Thursday during a brief appearance in a Montreal courtroom.

A bail hearing is scheduled for Monday.

Lafleur has been charged with sexual assault, assault with a weapon, uttering threats and forcible confinement of an under-aged girl.

The alleged incidents are said to have taken place in three communities over 1½ years.

Lafleur's lawyer, Jean-Pierre Rancourt, said of his client's famous hockey family: "They're devastated."

Rancourt said the younger Lafleur has Tourette syndrome, a neurological disorderusually associated with involuntary body movements and uncontrollable speech, including swearing.

"I'm going to let the judge know Monday that my client needs psychiatric and physical treatment for his illness, Tourette syndrome, and probably a drug addiction."

Rancourt said Lafleur is to go into a detox program on Friday and that he has his family's support.

"Evidently, he will have the support of his devastated parents," the lawyer told reporters. "They've supported him for a long time and that will continue so that he gets the help he needs."

The younger Lafleur works at his father's restaurant in Berthierville, about 70 kilometres north of Montreal.

According to information disclosed in court, the first alleged incident occurred in August 2005 in Montreal.

Other alleged incidents followed in Montreal and onJan. 12, in Berthierville, about 70 kilometres north of Montreal.

Rancourt, who said he has known the Lafleur family for many years, said Tourette sufferers say things they don't mean, even threats.

"He's facing grave accusations, but we're going to try to explain to the judge what happened," Rancourt told reporters.

Lafleur is scheduled to be in court next week on separate charges, including dangerous driving and uttering threats.

Guy Lafleur played right-wing for the Canadiens and is a member of the Hockey Hall of Fame.