Fleury may press charges against James

Theoren Fleury is reportedly considering pressing charges against Graham James, his former hockey coach, who Fleury claims sexually abused him in the 1980s.

Theoren Fleury is considering legal action against the man he claims sexually abused him as a teen.

In an interview with the Calgary Herald, Fleury said he may press charges against Graham James, his hockey coach when he played with the Moose Jaw Warriors of the WHL in the 1980s.

"We're looking into it," Fleury told the Herald on Wednesday. "We have a group, a team of people in place, doing just that. We want to make sure we're protected in this and everything is in order. But I think there'll be something [to announce] soon.

"We're going to do what's best. For me and my family. I think the last four years I've shown that I've made the right choices. And I'll do that again. We want people like Graham James off the street, in places where they should be.''

James was convicted in 1997 of abusing Sheldon Kennedy, a former teammate of Fleury's, and one other unnamed junior hockey player. He was sentenced to 42 months in prison.

Kennedy told CBC News on Tuesday that he thinks Fleury should make the allegations official and file a formal complaint so police can investigate and possibly lay a criminal charge.

"I think it's important that Theoren follows through with the charge.... I mean, those are pretty serious allegations," said Kennedy, who now works with the Red Cross to prevent abuse.

Fleury told the Herald he didn't need to see James brought before a judge to get closure on his abuse, but he said his new autobiography, Playing with Fire, may open that door.

"But when I decided to write this book, I knew that if that [proceeding with legal action] was part of it, then it's part of it. I'm ready for it. I'm strong enough now to handle it. I'm at a good place, a safe place, in my life. I've stopped playing the victim: 'Poor me, poor me, poor me. Pour me another one.'

"I'll just have to lean on the people who've been there for me and supported me these last four years."