Tie Domi retired as an NHL player on Sept. 19, one day after his wife filed for divorce in a Toronto court. ((Adrian Wyld/Canadian Press))

Former NHL player Tie Domi finally broke his silence Thursday, but stickhandled around the accusations of adultery that ended his 13-year marriage.

Domi, 36, issued a written statement in response to his estranged wife's divorce application that alleged he is involved with Liberal MP Belinda Stronach and had an affair with actress Tia Carrere.

"After a number of years, my marriage with Leanne has, unfortunately, come to an end," Domi said. "We have worked hard on our marriage but, sadly, it has been a struggle."

Expressing a reluctance to publicly discuss Leanne Domi's allegations, the former Toronto Maple Leafs enforcer figured he was left little choice but to issue a statement because of the ensuing media frenzy.

"As a former professional athlete, I'm accustomed to public scrutiny and well aware that even profoundly personal matters can become fodder for gossip and rumour," Domi said. "That does not make the experience any less unpleasant."

Domi, who retired from the NHL on Sept. 19, didn't mention any relationship with Stronach, but confirmed that he and his wife separated temporarily in 1999.

That was when he allegedly had a relationship with Carrere, who is known for her starring role in Relic Hunter.

"I accept my part of the responsibility for the failure of our marriage," Domi said. "But it has, indisputably, been a shared failure."

Domis reach settlement

The Domis negotiated a temporary settlement Tuesday morning that gives child custody to the mother, covers all her legal fees and demands that he "be restrained from molesting, annoying or harassing Leanne Domi or from communicating with Leanne Domi."

"I will work hard to isolate my children [Carlin, 12, Max, 11, and Avery, 7] from the pain of this process," Domi said. "I'll
concentrate on being a good father and I will continue to build a new career beyond playing hockey."

"This is a painful and private matter," he added. "It is not my intention to speak again about it in public."

Domi, one of the most popular Maple Leafs during his tenure in Toronto, totalled 104 goals and 245 points with 3,515 penalty minutes in 1,020 games over 16 NHL seasons.

He also played for the New York Rangers and Winnipeg Jets.

With files from the Canadian Press