Stanley celebrates with Detroit's Chris Chelios, left, and Brian Rafalski during the victory rally on Friday. ((Jerry S. Mendoza/Associated Press))

It didn't take long for the Stanley Cup to take another bashing.

The 115-year-old symbol of the National Hockey League champions was dented Friday after taking a tumble in Cheli's Chili Bar, a downtown Detroit restaurant owned by the Red Wings' Chris Chelios.

He and teammates were celebrating their victory over the Pittsburgh Penguins on Wednesday night.

A league spokeswoman said the dent was smoothed out and the cup would continue its rounds through the summer when each player is given the chance to take it home.

Over its history, the cup has been subjected to a number of indignities. There are actually three of them — the original bowl, the "presentation model" and the "replica" version that is used at the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto when the presentation model is out partying.

The cup has been accidentally left on a street corner, pooped in by an excited infant, used as a doggie bowl by two players' canines and dropped numerous times.

Known affectionately as "Stanley," the cup has also travelled around the world and done military duty with Canadian troops in Afghanistan.

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