'Concussions' new enemy' approved for use in Canada

A reader asks Our Game's equipment guy whether those Cascade helmets Mark Messier's been marketing really work, and if they can be worn in Canada.

An Our Game reader asks the Equipment Guy for advice

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Now for today's question:

Q: What is the story on the new Cascade helmet that Mark Messier has been talking about?  Is it approved for hockey use in Canada? Our Game reader

We turned to Our Game's Equipment Guy Ron Kuipers on this one, and he contacted Cascade to find out about the new helmet. Here's what Ron had to report:

A: "Cascade Sports is a New York company that has been designing and creating sports helmets for two decades. During the last few years, Cascade has turned some of its attention to hockey and it recently introduced the Cascade CHX with Seven Technology. 

"Mary-Kay Messier is Mark's sister and the Vice President of Business Development for Cascade Sports. She told me that the Cascade helmet and brand ("Concussions have a New Enemy") are just a few months away from becoming much better known in the minor hockey community thanks to a massive marketing and public relations campaign. 

"The upcoming promotion will accompany Cascade's foray into the big leagues as well. Cascade helmets will be worn by players in the NHL for the first time ever next season ('09/10) thanks to Cascade's new licensing agreement.

"Messier also says her brother and NHL hall-of-famer currently sits on the Cascade board of directors and is heavily involved in the company's concussion awareness campaign.

"So between the exposure in the NHL and the fall marketing blitz, the Cascade helmet is getting ready to explode onto the hockey scene in Canada.

"By the way, the Cascade helmet is approved for use in Canada today thanks to its CSA certification."

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