Cassie Campbell: "My favourite gift was my very first set of Cooperalls..."

Cassie Campbell's Christmas hockey memories

Christmas minor memories

Olympic gold medallist and former Team Canada captain Cassie Campbell is now a Hockey Night in Canada colour analyst.

The Brampton, Ont., native retired from the Canadian women's team in 2006, after leading the team to gold medals at the 2006 Turin Olympics and the 2002 Salt Lake City Games.


CBC What's the most memorable hockey-related Christmas gift you ever received?

Campbell: "I would have to say, my very first set of Cooperalls. I always sort of had hand-me-downs from my brother, and Cooperalls were just coming in and they were just the coolest things ever. I probably would have been bantam or midget, so 14 or 15."

CBC What did you most look forward to about Christmas hockey tournaments?

Campbell: "For me we used to always go to the Mississauga Girls Hockey Tournament, and that was just, you know, that's where we went every year, and when you're a kid, it's showing up in all your new stuff, but also that tournament for us was, we got to play a lot of teams from different countries, which you didn't always get to do. So that was pretty fun too."

CBC What was the best Christmas hockey tournament you ever played in? Why was it so great?

Campbell: "I guess the Mississauga Girls Hockey Tournament, we didn't have world juniors in women's hockey, so we were up every year playing in that one. They had a team from Maine, New Hampshire, one year they had a team from Sweden, and then all local area teams, Mississauga, Leaside, Brampton."

CBC What year was the best World Junior Hockey Championships you ever watched? What made it so special?

Campbell: "1995 in Red Deer. It was when Todd Harvey was captain, and I was such a big fan of him and the way they played and I think they won every game. I watch every tournament every year, no matter what time, and that stands out to be the best."

CBC Describe your plans for this year's World Juniors.

Campbell: "I'm actually going. My husband is in charge of the Canada team, and I actually get to go and just be a fan…I arrive in Ottawa on the 28th and am staying until the end. Yeah, I get to be a wife for once, support him and what he's doing. It will be nice to support him in his stressful time, it will be nice to be there."