A questionable hit has knocked Markus Naslund out of the Vancouver Canucks' lineup.

According to the Canucks, Naslund is suffering from "concussion-like symptoms" and will be "out approximately one week."

Naslund was injured during Vancouver's 1-0 win over Colorado on Monday.

Partway through the second period, Naslund collided with Avs rookie Steve Moore at centre ice. Replays appeared to show Moore swerving to hit Naslund on the side of the head with his elbow and shoulder.

"I know that I was in a vulnerable position," said Naslund, who had his head down on the play and was stretching foward to reach the puck with his stick. "And basically, he took advantage of that.

"He got me with an elbow to the jaw, and that's how I got knocked out, and that's how I hit my head on the ice -- twice."

Moore's hit left Naslund bloodied and dazed. He was taken to hospital in Denver for observation. He needed 13 stitches to close cuts on his forehead and nose.

"I'm not going to be foolish and rush back," Naslund said. "You have to have respect for what kind of injury it is. I'm positive I'll be back, hopefully in good time."

Much to the chagrin of Canucks coach Marc Crawford, no penalty was called on the play.

"It could have been an obstruction call, it could have been an elbow, but instead they call absolutely nothing," said Crawford, who was visibly upset on the bench after the hit.

"It mystifies me why this happens in this league. They talk about players not having respect for players. How about the officials? Should they not have respect for the leading scorer in the league?

"It was a cheap shot by a young kid on a captain, and we get no call. That's ridiculous.''

Canucks general manager Brian Burke was also fuming mad over the hit.

"I think it's a marginal player going after a superstar with a head-hunting hit," said an obviously irate Burke

"I thought it was a cheap shot."

Moore, who has three goals and five assists in 46 games, said he was simply finishing his check.

"I guess it ended up being Naslund and they weren't too happy with that," Moore told the Rocky Mountain News.

"But I'm certainly not looking to hurt him. (It was) just a clean bodycheck with the shoulder."

The NHL has opted not to take any action against Moore.

with files from Canadian Press