NHL enforcer Donald Brashear has been effectively locked out of another league.

The former Philadelphia Flyers forward has been suspended for the remainder of the season by Quebec's semi-pro Ligue Nord-Americaine de Hockey for repeatedly punching a player in the face while he was lying on the ice.

Brashear was one of three Radio X players suspended Thursday during a game in Thetford Mines.

The league, which is known in hockey circles for its fights and rough play, also suspended former Montreal Canadien Sylvain Blouin for 12 games and Quebec's Chad Richards for the rest of the year.

The team is appealing both Brashear and Blouin's suspensions.

Brashear, who is reportedly being paid $300,000 to play in the Quebec league while waiting a solution to the NHL lockout, received the penalty following a fight with Glen Kjernjsted of the Thetford Mines Prolab.

Although he already has 170 penalty minutes, Brashear has been reluctant to fight and has complained that referees aren't doing enough to protect him from other players anxious to make a name for themselves against an NHL enforcer.

Brashear has earned his tough-guy reputation with the Canadiens, Vancouver Canucks and most recently, the Philadelphia Flyers.

In 693 career NHL games, he has 71 goals, 170 points and 1,999 PIMs.

Radio X, which plays its home games at Quebec City's Le Colisee, leads the league in attendance.