Governor-General Adrienne Clarkson. (CP PHOTO/Aaron Harris)

Outgoing Governor General Adrienne Clarkson has announced she's creating a new trophy in her own name.

The Clarkson Cup will be awarded for excellence in women's hockey.

Clarkson says she got the idea from former governor general Lord Stanley, who created the Stanley Cup in 1892.

During the hockey lockout, Clarkson had floated the idea of borrowing the Stanley Cup as a prize for women's hockey. That idea wasn't warmly received, so she decided to create her own version.

"The Clarkson Cup is something that has evolved in the most wonderful and meaningful way," Clarkson said Wednesday.

"I thought [it was] an intriguing idea of giving the Stanley Cup to women's hockey if no men were going to get it. It seemed to be perfectly logical -- the women were still playing," she said during a speech.

But, she said, "I'm very pleased I'm going to be connected with women's hockey and the [Clarkson Cup] is a personal gift from me."

No details have been released about how the cup will be awarded, or to whom.

There is still a question about who will compete for the trophy, because Canada's two professional women's hockey leagues do not compete against each other.

Clarkson says she will leave it to the leagues to sort that out.

Like the Stanley Cup, the Clarkson Cup will be sculpted of silver. It will be made at Nunavut Arctic College in Iqaluit.