Alena Sharp of Hamilton knows first-hand that something as simple as forgetting more knee flex can make a difference. ((Darren Carroll/Getty Images))

It's amazing  how quickly a week can go by when you are enjoying playing golf.

For the last two months, I have been preparing for the first three domestic events on our schedule — working hard on my swing, short game and putting.

This month, I put more time into my chipping and putting. It sure did show this past week at the RR Donnelly Founders Cup in Phoenix, Ariz. 

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I enjoyed my time with my parents this past week in Phoenix. It's always nice to have them come out and watch me play. Saturday was a fun round for me as a lot of my friends came out to watch me play. I love playing in front of a crowd — it seems to get my adrenaline going. Speaking of adrenaline, not too many people would finish a round of golf and then rush to a playoff hockey championship game. I got my parents to drive — and drive fast!! — as I dressed in the back seat. I made it to my hockey game and only missed the first four minutes. Unfortunately, we lost 3-2. I scored our two goals but just couldn't get the equalizer to push the game to overtime. Our playoffs follow a double-elimination bracket and that was our first loss, so my team plays for the championship again next week but I will not be there.

Good luck girls!

With my chipping, I mainly worked on getting more knee flex in my set up.

My main goal is to get the knee flex in set up and, as I swing the club back and thru impact, maintain that same knee flex. This has made my contact with the ball more solid and consistent. I now get the spin I need on each chip shot I hit, whether it is a bump-and-run or a flop shot.

Some of you may think golf is truly a simple game, and knee flex seems that easy. Well, it is. But sometimes, we forget the simple things.

I drove the ball very well last week and a few holes were fairly tight off the tee. My main key this week is keep a strong grip and make sure my left hand is fully on the club.

I guess I was letting it slip off a little and, when this happens, I lose control and can hit either a hook or fade. For the three days of the Founders Cup, I made sure my grip was on and let it rip.

I'm much more focused on the target this season instead of having a mechanical swing thought in my head. As a result, the ball is reaching my target 85 to 90 per cent of the time. When I did miss the green this past week, I got it up and down.

Getting up and down gave me a lot of confidence. I was lacking this confidence heading into the Founders, and now I feel so much better and trust what I have been working on.

Further analyzing my play, I feel that I need to spend more time on the putting green leading into the Kia Classic and our first major — the Kraft Nabisco. I probably could have saved five or six shots in the Founders by making some more putts. That puts me close to the lead.

The positive thing about this is I don't have much to work on and I'm very excited to get back out there this week for the Kia Classic.