You Gotta See This!

Peyton Manning does dorky dance

Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning showed his lighter side Monday with a dorky dance during the team stretch, when "Rocky Top" was played at training camp.

Denver Broncos quarterback struts stuff at training camp

Denver Broncos star quarterback Peyton Manning (18) jukes to 'Rocky Top' at training camp in Englewood, Colo., on Monday. (Jack Dempsey/Associated Press)

Peyton Manning isn't all business all the time.

The Denver Broncos quarterback showed his lighter side Monday with a dorky dance during team stretch, when Rocky Top was blared through the loudspeakers at training camp.

While Manning was dancing to the unofficial anthem of his Tennessee Volunteers, fellow alum Britton Colquitt joined in and Wes Welker even added a hoedown.

"I love it," said Broncos defensive end Malik Jackson, another former Vol.

"They need to play it every day. Rocky Top is awesome. Go Vols!"

Every day, the Broncos begin their stretch with music blaring from the loudspeakers.

"It was his day to pick the music, so it wasn't a surprise to me what it was going to be," Broncos linebacker Von Miller said. "It was Peyton's day, so it was all good."

Broncos defensive end Mitch Unrein said the song selection brought back sweet memories for him.

"I like that song because it reminds me of when Wyoming went out to Tennessee and we beat them 13-7, believe it or not," Broncos defensive end Mitch Unrein said. "I was giving Malik grief about it.

"Yeah, they played that song in our locker room for a week straight before we went out there, so it was just stuck in my head. But yeah, Peyton had a nice dance out there.

"I was trying to mimic him a little bit. But I just couldn't do a good job doing that."


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