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NFL fans tweet out against replacement refs

Following Monday night's controversial end-zone call that gave Seattle a wild victory over Green Bay, here are the top 10 #ThingsBetterThanReplacementRefs as tweeted by NFL fans.
Official Lance Easley explains his controversial call that gave Seattle a dramatic victory over Green Bay. (Ted S. Warren/Associated Press)

In the movie The Replacements, quarterback Shane Falco (played by Keanu Reeves) and a group of washed-up football players win the hearts of fans while suiting up for the fictional Washington Sentinels during a league-wide strike.

After the events of Monday night, it’s safe to say that fans won’t be rallying behind the NFL’s real-life replacement officials anytime soon (unless, maybe, you're a Seahawks fan).

With time expiring in the game between Green Bay and Seattle, Seahawks QB Russell Wilson threw up a Hail Mary into the end zone. Though it looked as if Packers safety M.D. Jennings came down with the ball, replacement side judge Lance Easley ruled Seattle receiver Golden Tate to be in possession of the ball, giving Seattle a controversial 14-12 win.

Immediately, NFL fans blew up Twitter with expressions of their disgust. Some took an angry look at the replacement officials, while others took a more comical perspective on the call.

Here are the top 10 #ThingsBetterThanReplacementRefs as tweeted by NFL fans:

10. Vikki Palmer(@vikki_palms)

#ThingsBetterThanReplacementRefs Kim Kardashian's 74-day marriage with Chris Humphries.

9. Barber (@MrMcNastypants)

#ThingsBetterThanReplacementRefs ...passing kidney stones.

8. Elle Fountaine (@FountainCulture)

#ThingsBetterThanReplacementRefs Waiting in line at the DMV.

7. Zilles, Scott (@Zillionaireee)

#ThingsBetterThanReplacementRefs Michael Vick's dog walking company.

6. Daisy Enid (@DaisyEnid7)

#ThingsBetterThanReplacementRefs Watching Jersey Shore.

5. Sean (@seanvillena)

#thingsbetterthanreplacementrefs Paris Hilton's solo album.

4. Brent Mazurek (@BmmFlash)

#ThingsBetterThanReplacementRefs Getting roasted by Gilbert Gottfried.

3. WFAN Audio Clips (@WFANAudio)

#ThingsBetterThanReplacementRefs Chris Johnson's YPC this season.

2. Drew Cheap (@Drewcheap)

#thingsbetterthanreplacementrefs Tom Brady's street cred while wearing his Uggs.

1. Sean Varney (@Sean_Varney)

#thingsbetterthanreplacementrefs Getting a picture from Brett Favre.