Our fearless CBCSports.ca writers predict how the NFL season will play out. Just for fun, we decided to add our 2011 prognostications. As you can see we hit on some but missed badly on others.

Predictions Jesse Campigotto Tony Care Chris Iorfida Jason Davidson
AFC East New England New England New England New England
AFC North Pittsburgh Baltimore Cincinnati Baltimore
AFC South Houston Houston Houston Houston
AFC West Kansas City Denver Denver Oakland
AFC Wildcards Baltimore, Buffalo Kansas City, Cincinnati Pittsburgh, N.Y. Jets Denver, Pittsburgh
AFC Championship New England over Pittsburgh Houston over New England Houston over New England New England over Baltimore
 NFC East Philadelphia Philadelphia Philadelphia Philadelphia
NFC North Chicago Green Bay Chicago Green Bay
NFC South Atlanta Atlanta New Orleans Atlanta
NFC West San Francisco San Francisco San Francisco San Francisco
NFC Wildcards Green Bay, N.Y. Giants Chicago, N.Y. Giants Atlanta, Seattle Chicago, New Orleans
NFC Championship Chicago over Green Bay Green Bay over Philadelphia San Francisco over Philadelphia Green Bay over San Francisco
Super Bowl XLVII New England over Chicago Green Bay over Houston San Francisco over Houston Green Bay over New England
Offensive MVP Tom Brady Tom Brady Tom Brady Aaron Rodgers
Defensive MVP Julius Peppers Jason Pierre-Paul Patrick Willis Patrick Willis
Team to step up Tampa Bay Kansas City Indianapolis Tampa Bay
Team to step down Detroit Pittsburgh Baltimore N.Y. Giants