McLoughlin no longer Stampeders president

The Calgary Stampeders are guaranteed two losses this week -- both presidents.

Mark McLoughlin confirmed Monday he is stepping aside as team president after just 56 days on the job.

McLoughlin, who retired September 2 as an active player to assume the presidency from Stan Schwartz, will be replaced by Ron Rooke, currently vice-president of communications.

Schwartz resigned exactly one week ago and cleans out his office for good this Friday.

"Part of my plan was to try and put this organization back on the right track," McLoughlin said. "And we were able to accomplish a lot in a short period of time."

"I had plans coming in and, through the support of (Stampeders owner) Michael Feterik, we put a structure in place now, from an organizational standpoint, to allow this club to continue to be successful," McLoughlin continued. "And Ron is the right guy to lead that."

McLoughlin, a longtime placekicker who wound up suiting up for Calgary's final three games anyways, plans to resume his playing career in 2004.

He will also be an advisor to Rooke.

"Mark came in to make some things happen, which he did," Rooke said. "And Mark realized the passion he has to play football still."

"I just didn't know how long it was going to take to execute our plan," McLoughlin said. "We were able to do it in a couple of months.

"And I felt it was time now to put the right leader in place to take this thing forward."

"I feel I'm ready for it," Rookie said. "It's a day that I've looked forward to.

"But I didn't know if it was going to come two years ago or five years from now."

As for Schwartz, he announced his resignation October 20 after being replaced by McLoughlin.

His final day is Friday.

Schwartz was offered the position of executive vice-president and chief operating officer during last month's much-publicized, front-office reshuffling by Feterik.

Schwartz was hired by the Stampeders as an assistant coach in 1976, then agreed to manage McMahon Stadium from 1984 to 1993.

He re-joined the Stampeders as VP and general manager of administration in 1995 before assuming the presidency a year later.

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