Charges dropped against Argos' Mihelic

Mike Mihelic can now focus squarely on returning to the Toronto Argonauts' lineup.

Drug charges against the offensive guard have been dropped after the Crown attorney determined there was insufficient evidence to convict Mihelic, who was one of six people charged in November 2002 after police busted a steroid and marijuana production operation.

Mihelic, who is nursing a knee-quadriceps injury, was charged with producing a controlled substance, possession of marijuana and conspiracy to commit an indictable offence.

"I have always professed my innocence since the beginning," said Mihelic "I have been scrutinized both personally and professionally for the last two years and I am glad the system worked."

Hamilton and Halton police seized 120,000 steroid pills and 700 marijuana plants from a farm south of Milton, Ont., in the bust.

The charges against the others were also dropped because of court delays, said J.J. Burke, Mihelic's lawyer.

Toronto acquired Mihelic and a 2005 second-round draft pick from Hamilton on June 8 for quarterback Marcus Brady and linebacker Tawambi Settles.

with files from Canadian Press