Regina domed stadium hinges on federal support

Premier Brad Wall has tossed a political football to Ottawa, claiming the province won't spearhead plans for a domed stadium in Regina unless the federal government kicks in cash by month's end.

Saskatchewan has tossed a political football to Ottawa, saying it will be forced to abandon plans for a new domed stadium unless the federal government kicks in cash by the end of the month.

Premier Brad Wall says the case has been made for provincial and private interest in a new multi-purpose facility in Regina.

But the premier says it's hard to see the concept going forward without federal support.

The province set the February deadline because a land agreement with Canadian Pacific Railway at the proposed site of the $430-million stadium is about to lapse.

There is also concern that costs in a feasibility study released a year ago could rise as the process drags on.

Wall says the province would be open to other proposals from the city of Regina, the Saskatchewan Roughriders or the private sector, if Ottawa doesn't step up to the plate.

But he says the provincial government won't take the lead.

During a conference call from London in the midst of a trade mission, Premier Brad Wall confirms that no 11th-hour discussions are planned with Ottawa ahead of Monday's funding deadline.

While the deadline could conceivably mean the end of a project that is well over a year and a million dollars in the making, Wall doesn't seem to have a sense of finality about the stadium.

He says the province has a good relationship with the federal government, adding he wouldn't rule out something happening down the road.

Wall stressed earlier in the week that the province would not be taking a leadership role if another stadium project is brought forward.

He firmly believes that another attempt at a new facility could work even if the province isn't running the show.

"We'd like to be able to work with another group that comes forward and the federal government might even get involved at that point," he says.

He points out there is a full slate of viable options, including renovating Mosaic Stadium, building a new outdoor stadium, or building a new indoor stadium.